clipboard manager

There are quite a few Windows clipboard alternatives in the market. But most clipboard managers are hard to use. Typically, these clipboard software have a dazzling GUI with many buttons or menu items that confuse even a software engineer. Most of their functionalities are those you will never use, and the important functionalities you really need are missing. For example, many clipboard software can only deal with text. Another problem of these clipboard managers is they are not easy to use. I mean how many mouse clicks/keyboard strokes you need to copy/paste an item? I saw some clipboard managers use Ctrl-VVV… to paste previous copied items or use complex key combinations to copy/paste, which is a hard task for ordinary people except you have very flexible fingers. Quick Multi-Copy was developed from the beginning with the ease of use bearing in mind. No dazzling GUI, no complicated settings. You copy/paste as you did in the past. Quick Multi-Copy will automatically store you copied to its clipboard. If you need to paste an item that is not the latest one, just hit one key(F1-F10 for ten previously copied items respectively). This is the clipboard manager that uses the least number of operations to do its job. And the clipboard of Quick Multi-Copy can contain any type of content including text, images, files, etc. The content of the clipboard is shown in its GUI for you to view and manage conveniently.

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