Quick Multi-Copy

Quick Multi-Copy remembers last 10 items you have copied, which can be pasted elsewhere with the keys F1-F10, respectively. When running, Quick Multi-Copy keeps monitoring the data in clipboard. Multiple items you’ve copied, such as text, images, files, etc., are collected by Quick Multi-Copy. Later, you can paste them anywhere with single key stroke. This is useful when you need to copy/paste multiple items at different places and at different time. Without Quick Multi-Copy, you have to copy an item, paste it somewhere, then copy the second item and paste it somewhere… If you want the first item later, you’ll have to copy it again because the clipboard is occupied by the second item now. With Quick Multi-Copy, you can copy the items all at once, then paste them at different places without copying them again. Quick Multi-Copy will greatly save your time if you need to copy the same set of items and paste them at many places.

Quick Multi-Copy screen-shot

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