Auto Shutdown Trigger

Auto Shutdown Trigger is a PC auto shutdown software that shuts down computer when certain condition is met.

Sometimes I need to shut down computer automatically without manual operation. For example,  file download is completed at night while I am asleep, or I would like to go to sleep with several hours’ music from computer. I first resort to Windows’ Task Scheduler which can start a task at specific time. Unfortunately, I cannot find an option for timed shutdown there. Later, I searched google and found an auto shut down cmd called shutdown.exe, but till now I have not fully understood its complicated parameters like shutdown.exe -l, shutdown.exe -m,shutdown.exe -s-t, shutdown.exe -f. Then I tried several auto shutdown programs or so called auto shutdown managers on the Internet, but none worked as I expected. I remember for two days one of these shutdown schedulers(which is a freeware) just could not power off my computer. I waked up in the morning seeing the computer was still powered on and that program was running. In the end I  give up trying those free auto shutdown programs and begin to write my own software: Auto Shutdown Trigger. Besides working as a computer shutdown timer, Auto Shutdown Trigger can do some special and unique things.

auto shutdown trigger

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More specifically, Auto Shutdown Trigger can

  • schedule shutdown/reboot at specified time point or after given period(interval),
  • auto power off/auto reboot when the text on a program’s window becomes what you want. To do this, first drag the cross icon onto the target window, then enter the expected text. After press “Ok” button, Auto Shutdown Trigger starts to check the text on that window periodically and shut down computer when certain text appears on the window. Note that this option is only available when the text on the target window can be recognized correctly. So be sure to see if the text can be captured successfully into the “current content” label. I use this piece of function to shut down the computer when a long-during program runs to a certain stage(which can be detected by a changing digit on the GUI of that program).
  • shutdown/reboot/logoff your computer when an area on the screen becomes what you want. Click the “define area” button and drag a rectangle box on the screen. The bitmap of this area is saved as target image. This rectangle area will be checked repeatedly until it becomes the target image, then it will trigger the shutdown. So after defining the area, you should clear it quickly, otherwise at the next check time it will get a successful match and shut down your PC.
  • automatic shutdown/turn off/restart when certain program starts to run or exit. You can specify the program by its name or PID(process id) which can be found in the task manager). Auto Shutdown Trigger keeps monitoring the status of the program and shuts down PC when qualified.

The settings to adjust the interval of checking text on a window, or the status of a program are also available.

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