copy paste tool

Copy and Paste are two basic operations in Windows. How do you copy and paste? You can copy and paste with your mouse. Right-click the item (for example a file) and choose the Copy option on the context menu to copy to clipboard; go where you want to paste the item, right-click and choose Paste option to paste the item there. Then how to copy and paste with keyboard? The copy and paste shortcuts are Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V, respectively. But Windows clipboard can contain one item only. If you need to store multiple items in a clipboard, you may try Quick Multi-Copy. So how to copy and paste with Quick Multi-Copy? It is very easy. Run Quick Multi-Copy, copy as you usually do(via context menu or keyboard shortcuts). You will see this copy paste tool stores every item you copied into its clipboard. Then go where you want to paste, hit F1-F10 to paste the item. You can view Quick Multi-Copy clipboard to see which key is associated with which item. The best part of this copy paste tool is that its clipboard can store any type of content, regardless of whether it is text, image, or file, etc.

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