CBD(Copy Bad Disk): copy files on bad sectors without stop or hang.

When you copy damaged or corrupted files, it stops at bad sectors saying "Can't read from the source file or disk." or "Cannot copy xxx: Data error(cyclic redundancy check).", although the rest bytes of the file are readable. CBD(Copy Bad Disk) can copy files regardless of bad sectors. CBD skips the bad sectors and continue to copy the rest content of the file so it will not hang, freeze or fail. With well-designed algorithms, CBD can recover files and salvage as much data as possible from hard drives with bad sectors. During the copying process, you can choose to skip the current file, all bad files, or speed up by allowing CBD to ignore more sectors after encountering a bad sector. CBD generates a log file recording the positions of unreadable bytes of the damaged file. Those unreadable bytes are replaced with 0s in the destination file.

As integrated in the context menu of Windows Explorer, using CBD is almost the same as ordinary file copying/pasting operations: Open Windows Explorer, select the files you want to copy, right-click on them and choose "Copy", then go to the destination folder, right-click on the space and choose the "Paste Bad File" option. You do not need to click and run a program to use the functionalities of CBD(cbdreg.exe is only for registration). Note that if you can not see the file name in Windows Explorer, you can not copy it with CBD. CBD can only copy files with partial content sitting on bad sectors, but can not retrieve the file if it is just missing. Please try it before purchase.

Copy Bad Disk integrated in Explorer

Copy Bad Disk
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